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By the end of this paragraph, you'll know if personal training is right for you.

Right now, you're trying to figure out if you can commit and if you're ready to start.

Reading this means you're considering taking action. That's a great place to be in. You are choosing to take care of you. 

No matter how busy life gets, your own fitness and physical health is a daily, weekly and yearly relationship with yourself.  YOUR time to work on YOU, to clear your head, the few hours in a week where you can shut everything out around you and enjoy the time you have.

When starting, there's a lot to learn. But you can boil it down to a few important questions:

  1. - Exercises: Which exercises are best for you?

  2. - Form: How will you know if you're doing these exercises correctly?

  3. - Programming: What program do you follow?

  4. - Volume: how much? How much of each exercise should you do?

  5. - Frequency:  How often do you need to train to see the results you want?

  6. - Nutrition/Food/Diet: What foods/how much/what should I do?

These questions can be overwhelming, but the answers are simpler than you think.

Personal training and coaching is a direct answer to these questions.


It's an investment in yourself.

If you choose to make that investment, you will be set up with:

  • The RIGHT program, that is measured and tailored to your fitness, abilities and exercise history.

  • Ensuring your exercise form is correct and risk of injury is minimal.

  • A tailored program, unique to your goals as you are.

  • Each nutritional program is structured to achieve your goals, but also nurture a healthy relationship with food.

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