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A New You.

How others just like you changed their lives through fitness.



143lb Weight Loss
Bodyscope Precision Program



101lb Weight Loss
Steady & Strong Program


ICN 1st Place Mens Bodybuilding (Physique) 
First timer 2018

ICN 1st Place Mens Physique Novice ​2018



5kg Muscle Gain
in 2 Months

Steady & Strong Program

Strength Client

Squatting 1.5x her bodyweight.
Steady & Strong Program

"Daryl’s attitude and approach to coaching has always been transparently rooted in respect and genuine care for his clients.


He dedicates the time and effort to understand you as a person, your past and present, your strengths and weaknesses, with the pure intention of knowing how to best guide you and propel you in the direction of your fitness and wellbeing goals.


In addition to his credible insight into fitness and wellbeing, one element to Daryl that I believe separates him from other coaches is his openness towards engaging in healthy and honest communication with all his clients.


My weekly sessions with Daryl are safe spaces for me to physically and mentally work through my stresses, whether that be achieving fitness PBs or sharing in an honest conversation about life.


They act as routinely reminders for me to be real and vulnerable, and by doing so, I gain the confidence to dare greatly in the direction of my health and fitness goals.


Daryl is a coach that caters, someone you can trust with the credibility and care.


He believes in you with the kind of passion and interest one desires for themselves. Ultimately, he motivates me to want to be a better person, and to do so for myself." 

- Elysia

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