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How to Eat Clean on a Budget

So you're wanting to eat clean but eating clean is "too expensive."

Sure, i get it. We can't afford the chicken breasts at Wholefoods going for 12.99 per lb.

I live in San Diego California, I know all about the effects of inflation over here, more than I'd like to.

But when you're looking at a full lb of trader joe's natural chicken breast going for 4.99, a pack of green beans going for 2.99 and the average pound of rice going for 0.24c, don't sell me "eating clean is too expensive" when a Large Big Mac meal in the same state is $12. Those ingredients I listed can feed at least 2-3 people or feed yourself across 2-3 meals.

Meaning you'd be paying $2.74 per meal, and yeah it would be clean.

Knowing where to shop is another thing. If you're tight on cash, chicken is a relatively cheap source of protein, drumsticks are a cheap cut and thighs are always slightly cheaper than their leaner breast counterpart.

Here's a little one day meal plan on a budget to get you started in thinking in the mindset of what I like to call:"frugal fitness"...


Meal 1

Protein Smoothie: $2.09

23g Orgain Protein (0.81c) - $27 per lb on amazon

1/2 cup of mixed frozen berries (44c)

1 x banana (40c)

1 x cup oats (29c @ $2.99 per pack)

1 x tsp peanut butter <15c

Meal 2

4 x Eggs

1 x cup spinach

2 x slices sourdough toast

1 x slice ham

Meal 3:

Chicken Curry & Rice

Rice: Average $1.34 per lb (Costco)

Chicken: Average 4.99 per LB (trader joes, Costco)

Beans: (2.99 per lb)

Curry sauce: 3.50 a bottle (trader joes Tikka Masala Sauce)

Less than $3 per serving:


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