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Motivation is Overrated.

Motivation is overrated. This has been a rising thread in recent times, because it holds truth.

The best way to unpack this, is by assessing what motivation is.

We envision a goal and motivation is the energy or driving power of the vision that compels action.

But what happens when that goal disappears? What happens when that certain goal vanishes because of a massive change in the environment? Motivation usually dies too and any action, routine or progress that was tied with it.

Because motivation has a nature of compounding.

In a positive loop: We see the goal, we feel motivated, we act, we see progress, we feel more motivated, we act more.

In the negative loop: We don't see a goal, we don’t feel motivated, we don’t act, we feel stagnant, we feel less motivated, we act less.

From this, we draw the conclusion that there’s 3 parts in the equation.

  1. Goal

  2. Motivation

  3. Progress (if motivation sticks around)

Here's the different model I'm suggesting:

  1. Goal

  2. Doing the thing. Even when you don't see progress.

  3. Still do the thing. Even if you still don't see progress.

Because if you do enough of the thing you're meant to be doing, it will happen.

Not if, but when.

If you rely on motivation to achieve things, you will fail them as fast as your motivation leaves, which can be as quickly as the weather drops.

Motivation is overrated.

Choosing consistency and just doing the thing, even when you don't want to, is what will get you to your goals and far, far beyond them.


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